Architecture reviews & Technical due diligence

With over 1.000 years of combined experience in software development, OpenValue has a proven track record in high-quality modern software development and software architecture. We help our clients deliver better software, faster.

Besides developing cutting-edge custom software, we regularly use our software development expertise and experience to help other companies assess the quality of their software and way of working. Over the years, we’ve developed a proven approach that consists of a combination of manual and automated code and infrastructure reviews, documentation reviews and interviews with key stakeholders across the organization. As a result, we share ways to improve software quality, testing approaches, DevOps practices, scalability, security and more.

We’ve performed code audits, architectural reviews and technical due diligence (TDD) assessments all over the world for leading software companies. A couple examples: we’ve done architecture reviews for clients in e-commerce, enterprise building management software, food production, e-health and more, and we’ve done technical due diligence assessments on a neobroker (BUX, acquired by ABN AMRO), fleet management software, an asset management system, last-mile logistics, AI-based call center assistance and more. See below for a number of client references.

Do your teams struggle to deliver quality software? Are you lost in a maze of microservices or tangled in a jungle of frameworks, libraries and testing tools across teams? Let us help you!

OpenValue reviewed our technical architecture vision and advised us on possible next steps. By conducting comprehensive interviews and follow-up sessions across the organization, from developers to the CEO, they provided valuable insights that helped us in setting priorities.

Henk Laracker, CTO at Planon

Our proven approach

Our methodology is collaborative and tailored to meet the unique needs of each project, but we do have a standard plan that forms the basis:

  1. Objective definition: We start by collaboratively establishing the project's goals, scope, and research questions. These can focus on quality aspects, way of working, delivery speed, DevOps practices, costs, risks and more.
  2. Kick-off & alignment: A kick-off session is organized to introduce our experts to your team and stakeholders. This phase is crucial for building trust with the team, agreeing on the specific aspects of the codebase and documentation to be reviewed, as well as identifying who to interview.
  3. In-depth analysis: Our review process includes both manual and automated examination of the codebase and infrastructure, a documentation review, and interviews with relevant team members and stakeholders. This dual approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of the development process and way of working.
  4. Iterative review: We believe in the power of iteration. The review process may be repeated in multiple iterations or sprints to ensure no crucial details are missed and efforts are focused on those topics that matter most.
  5. Preliminary report & validation: An initial report is drafted to share our findings, which is then validated with the involved teams to ensure all involved parties are on board and aligned with our observations.
  6. Final report: A final report is delivered, detailing observations, identifying risks, and offering recommendations for future actions.
  7. Beyond reporting: Optionally, OpenValue extends its expertise to assist in implementing the recommended actions.
Architecture review approach


Our deliverable is a detailed formal report that delves into critical areas such as organizational culture, architectural integrity, operational methodologies, source code quality, privacy, security, and more. This report addresses all research questions and concludes with actionable recommendations. Furthermore, OpenValue offers a comparative benchmark, positioning your company's technical standing against the industry's best practices. During the interviews with stakeholders across the company (developers included), we also focus on establishing support from within the organization on implementing our recommendations.
Gain invaluable insights into the technical quality and architectural soundness of your project, the competency of your team, operational methodologies, identified risks, and actionable strategies for immediate and future enhancement.

OpenValue’s experts have helped us gain clear and actionable insights in the technical quality of the codebase and the team, as well as risks and future improvements, delivered according to planning and within budget.

Hank Schraven, Partner at OxGreenfield


Our flexible engagement model ranges from a single-day quick review to a thorough multi-week technical due diligence process, adaptable to your specific requirements and budget.

Reference Case: ABN AMRO & BUX

A testament to our expertise, ABN AMRO (a leading bank in the Netherlands) entrusted OpenValue with the critical task of evaluating the technical landscape of BUX, a rapidly expanding neobroker in the stock trading arena.
Our team was asked to evaluate the technological aspects of BUX, including their codebase, way of development, deployment process, infrastructure and product lifecycle. This analysis was crucial to providing ABN AMRO with a clear understanding of BUX's technical capabilities and potential.
Our comprehensive assessment provided ABN AMRO with the clarity needed to proceed with their acquisition, highlighting our role as a trusted partner in technical due diligence and architecture review.

OpenValue's technical due diligence investigation has provided us with clear and actionable insights in the technical quality, risks and future improvements regarding platform, processes and skills.
All has been delivered according to planning and within budget, but as well the transparent and flexible cooperation is of great value!

Wouter Abrahamse, IT Value Cluster Lead at ABN AMRO

During the technical due diligence process, OpenValue's experts have proved their ability to quickly understand and assess the BUX platform, ask the right questions in interviews and have been very open about the process, findings and processing of our feedback.

Joost van de Wijgerd, CTO at BUX

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