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OpenValue consists out of decentralized teams of over 160 highly skilled full stack Java experts operating from different countries in Europe. We aspire to excel in the fast changing field of custom software development. There are constantly new tools, technologies and concepts that enable us to be more innovative and efficient. By sharing what we've learned we challenge ourselves to be frontrunners.

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OpenValue - experts in Java and the JVM

Our story

OpenValue was born out of the simple idea of building a company that puts people first. In 2017, we had the vision to start a consulting company where everyone can do exactly what they need to become the best developer they could ever be, while having a lot of fun as a team. This concept soon proved to be very successful. Today, OpenValue consists of more than 160 experts across the Netherlands, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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OpenValue Group

OpenValue is part of the OpenValue Group, a group of independent companies specialized in full stack software development in the Java ecosystem.
The OpenValue Group consists of the OpenValue offices, Code Nomads, JPoint, Yoink, FrontValue and OpenStaffing.